MAPS Completes First New Theraputic LSD Study in Forty Years

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has recently completed a study on LSD being used medically to treat end-of-life related anxiety. The study was a success in that all participants reported positive effects, and in that there were no severe negative side-effects Рshowing that such treatments can be safe in a properly controlled therapeutic environment. Hopefully this study paves the way for a further interest in the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

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Red Eye Fox News

Fox News Red Eye gave a little talk about TripSit and what we are doing for people – surprisingly it’s not bad.

Glad that someone could give us some good feedback and see that there is some good in helping people rather than just judging them for the choices they made, and glad we can continue to help people every day who need it. Go TripSit!

See the video: here