Psychedelics Treat Cluster Headaches

The apparent effects of psychedelics in treating cluster headaches, which have been known for a while, have recently been seeing a lot more attention. Many are calling for these treatments to be made as approved treatments in the US. Hopefully this opens up the pathway for the research and development of more treatments potentially stemming from recreational drugs (e.g. MDMA), which have seen poor research in the past due to ostracisation and legality issues.

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TripSit Drug Combination Chart

After several months of research and work by the TripSit and r/drugs team, we are proud to announce the first release of our drug combination reference chart!

This chart is designed as a quick reference for drug combinations and their possible interactions. The information has been researched to the greatest ability by our team, but is not intended to be used as a guideline or recommendation for use. Also, please note that while a combination may be marked ‘green,’ its synergistic effects may still be overwhelming – always be cautious when combining drugs and start with lower doses. Please try to be safe!