TripSit releases V3.0 of its drug combination chart

After many months of work, TripSit is proud to announce a new release of its popular drug combination reference chart. This new version includes many corrections, updates and clarifications. We have also moved towards a simpler visual style, to allow users to more easily identify drug combinations. We hope that this update continues to serve as a useful harm reduction tool for both drug users and for harm reduction organisations.

TripSit Combo Chart

Less common drugs, such as PCP and now aMT have been removed from the chart, though the combination information for these drugs is still available on their respective factsheet pages.

As always, this chart should only be taken as an ‘at-a-glance’ reference to the safety of drug combinations, and we hope for it to be a jumping off point for the informed drug user to aid in making sensible decisions with drugs. It’s certainly not intended as a sole reference point! With this release, we also have put a lot of work into describing the reasons and particular dangers of certain combinations, which can be found either at the bottom of or on individual drug pages on


18 thoughts on “TripSit releases V3.0 of its drug combination chart”

    1. just lie down, try take a nap listen to some calm music. you will be fine you are only feeling like this because of what you have dozed on, all will pass soon

    1. The original image is huge, so you could totally get one printed or simply draw one for your own wall

  1. I’m not sure about alchool and mdma. MDMA is least harful then what it shows right there and alchool is the leading cause of drug deaths in America?

  2. This is great work and important work.

    I have one minor issue though- maois and caffeine most certainly do synergize. A rough estimation, based on personal experience, is that a modetate or greater dose of an maoi (in my case an unselective and irreversible maoi)will come close to doubling the effects of caffeine. This is to be expected when you consider the pharmacology.

    While probably not particularly dangerous as long as we are talking reasonable levels of caffeine,
    the combo can certainly make it considerably easier to over do it on coffee or other caffeine sources and experience some pretty unpleasant symptoms of overstimulation- particularly if a person isn’t aware of the interaction and doesn’t adjust the fosages or do a test run first. That being said I personally enjoy the synergy, but “caution” might be a more accurate label for this combo.

  3. Hi

    Just wondering if you sell these? I’m starting an online festival store in Australia very shortly and would like to stock these on my website.

    I’m after about 10 for now, how much would they be including postage?

    My address is [REDACTED]


    1. You can print them yourself as you like, including the attribution and disclaimer. I don’t believe we have any shipping to Australia right now, and reshipping services are usually expensive. Sorry and sorry for the late reply.

  4. Took loads of MDMA about hour ago it’s now half 1 in the morning and I need people to talk to me..

  5. I received one of TripSit’s carts at a festival and I’m curious as why different drugs are different colours?

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